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Brendan Jones   |

"Academic project for Typography III class. Rebranded logo & design elements around the idea of integration for Google and then implemented them into an annual report for the fiscal year of 2014."

Student in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Visual Communication Design program at Northern Kentucky University.

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Amazing layout.


Ivy Zheyu Chen   |

"The Product of Productive Procrastination, a research book and a project book, document my thesis progress exploring time management, procrastination, and personal project."

Ivy is a Communication Designer based in New York. Born in Mainland China, studied in Hong Kong, he likes talking to people, observing different places. He loves colors, risograph prints, and any composition of squares, circles, triangles.

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Dominik Pacholczyk   |

"Motion Story is a motion design studio specializing in designing for their clients a short animations explaining in creative ways stories, services, applications and offers. Studio is a collaborative team of storytelling designers distinguished by their attention to detail and a passion for typography, what they wanted to show by their new image. My goal was to create a fresh, unique and consistent image of Motion Story, which included logo design, identity system, website design and graphics for social networks."

My name is Dominik Pacholczyk. I graduated from the High School of Art in Lodz, Poland. For tree years working as a freelancer, gaining experience in collaborating with customers from the country and abroad.

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